I was VERY hesitant to try laser hair removal, as I’ve heard my fair share of horror stories of procedures gone wrong. Being dark-skinned, I knew I had to find somewhere that took the time to understand my skin, and had the tools to do it successfully. I’ve had five sessions and can’t tell you how transformative it’s been - it’s not only removed my hair, but it’s also improved my skin, and I have Jamie to thank for that. I’m only sad I didn’t start sooner!
— Vanessa | Denver
I first started seeing Rhianna last year for my first laser hair removal session. I was really nervous and had no idea what to expect. She instantly put me at ease as she is extremely friendly. Rhianna not only has a sweet disposition, she is very talented! She did an amazing job with my laser removal. She always made sure I was comfortable with whatever level we were using the laser at and it never hurt me. You’ll start off as a client and you’ll end up being a friend.
— Julie | Denver